Dogs of the Agencies

It seems that dogs are the preferred pets of the model-talent-artist agencies. The people who work at the agencies are always bringing in their dogs, and I have enjoyed meeting and playing with their large, medium, small, and pocket-sized canines over the years. There are agency owners with Labrador Retrievers (sometimes more than one), VP’s and Presidents with Bulldogs, and agents with mutts and purebred dogs of all sizes.

I’m sure there are many cat owners at the agencies too, but they don’t bring them in to the agencies, that I know of, or have seen. Maybe it’s because dogs can be brought safely to the agency, while cats cannot, because they listen to nobody (or don’t care). Everyone enjoys a cute and friendly dog (until they get into the trash), and it makes the agencies feel a little homey.

So, there’s often a dog at the agency, and I’m gonna take pictures of them. Some will be Polaroid and Instax instant photos, and the rest (because the dog subjects usually don’t sit still) will be iPhone “faux-pola” shots edited in the Hipstamatic app to look Polaroid-ish…

// PolaProjects

Nata the pit bull, at the agency.

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