Who We Are

We are Pola-instant-film-lovers-advocates-fans-creators, an information resource, and a gathering place for similar-minded people!

We are also a “place” to shop for vintage and new instant photography cameras, films, and accessory products (see below).

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Cameras: We offer vintage Polaroid cameras, including modified-updated units occasionally, new instant cameras from Polaroid Originals, Mint, and FujiFilm/Instax, plus any cool new/vintage, instant, or other film cameras for which film is still available…

Unless there is some historical, collectible value to them, we usually sell vintage Polaroid cameras without a carrying case, original box or any accessories, which may be purchased separately, if available. Vintage Polaroid cameras come in a few categories and grades:

  • As-is or Collectible — Nice-to-Look-At “shelf candy” only.
  • Working Pack-Film Cameras — for those with deep pockets to buy recently-expired Fuji film (2015-2017) and/or those who dream of someone who will manufacture pack-film again.
  • Used-Working — vintage or recently retired cameras, for which new films are readily available.
  • New — do we have to explain this category? 🙂
  • Grades of Cameras
    • New (self-explanatory, yes?)
    • Like New (barely used, but no longer new…)
    • Excellent (a little bit used)
    • Very Good (used, but nice)
    • Good (used, and shows it)
    • LBBW (Looks Bad, But Working — we refuse to have an “ugly” category like other used camera places…)
    • As-Is (untested; may or may not work, condition varies, maybe for parts/repair and or collectible-only…)

Films: We offer vintage Fuji pack-film (recently expired) when we can get it at a good price, and sell it at market rate, plus new instant films from Polaroid Originals and FujiFilm/Instax.

Accessories: [coming soon…]

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