Who We Are

We are Pola-instant-film-lovers-advocates-fans-creators, an information resource, and a gathering place for similar-minded people!

We are also a “place” to shop for vintage and new instant photography cameras, films, and accessory products (see below).

Oh, and by “Pola” of course we mean instant photography in general, captured with vintage or new cameras, on any type of new or expired “instant” films from Polaroid, Instax (FujiFilm), Polaroid Originals, Impossible Project, Supersense, etc.

Shop PolaProducts

Cameras: We offer vintage Polaroid cameras, including modified-updated “conversion” or “texolux” items, new instant cameras from Polaroid Originals, Mint-Camera, and FujiFilm/Instax, plus any cool new/vintage, instant, or other film cameras for which film is still available…

Unless there is some historical, collectible value, or a complete set that is being sold together as a “lot” of multiple items, we usually sell vintage Polaroid and other used cameras without a carrying case, original box or any accessories. Such items may be purchased separately, if available.

Vintage cameras are evaluated, tested, and graded for sale as:

  • New = unused (verifiable) or NIB (new-in-sealed-box)
  • Like New = barely used, but no longer new.
  • Excellent = a little bit used.
  • Very Good = used, but nice.
  • Good = used, and shows moderate wear, scuffs, scratches from normal use.
  • Well-Used = heavily used, significant wear, scuffs, scratches and dents, but working OK to the level we’ve tested…
  • As-Is = untested; may or may not work, condition varies, maybe for parts/repair and or collectible “shelf candy” only…

Films: We offer vintage Fuji pack-film (recently expired) when we can get it at a good price, and sell it at market rate (while supplies last), plus new instant films from Polaroid Originals and FujiFilm/Instax. Maybe Supersense one day soon (fingers-crossed)…

Accessories: available on the Cameras+Films online store soon!


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